Born in Medellín, Colombia in 1978.

Fabrics and fashion accessories were my first emotional, aesthetic and symbolic universe. Living with my seamstress mother, women came in with fabrics and left with clothes, leaving behind a world of secrets, stories of love, birth, death, poverty, traveling and existential questions. Sewing is the starting point of my pictorial approach.
Today, I live and work in Paris after obtaining a Masters in Contemporary Art at the University of Saint-Denis Paris 8 in 2011, where I wrote and submitted my Mémoire “Ziiiiip : Ouvertures à travers le textile, la peinture et le corps” (Openings through textile, painting and the body).

I founded Pesquisa in 2006 in Medellín, a creative group aiming at creating connexions between artists, public institutions and businesses. This concept accompanies and supports my work in Paris.