52 kilos of scraps of red fabric - my own weight - bundled to create a comfortable nest.

The nest is anchored by a thread that penetrates the wall on one side and draws from the other side, generating a red tension line across the room that ends up planted into the ground, attached to a knife. Red, blood-colored red, makes reference to the thread of the Fates, to Ariadne's thread, to the thread of life. The oval shape of the nest evokes softness, the cocoon, the uterus, and the knife represents danger.

Visitors may lie down in this resting space, but without losing sight of the knife, which can cut the thread of life, a kind of tension that is created between life and death. A faint light is directed to the nest, and another to the knife to produce a crepuscular atmosphere conducive to dreaming and lethargic states, at the junction of waking and sleeping.